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Based in San Diego, CA


This program includes:

  • 2 x 45-minute one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions, one at the beginning and one at the end (a $199 value).

  • A comprehensive metabolic assessment at the start and end of the program, to track how your symptoms change over time, and to assess what systems in your body may need special attention.

  • A box of Douglas Labs Metabolic Rejuvenation® supplements, a comprehensive 28-day, 3-phase detoxification support program with nutrients specifically chosen to prepare the body for elimination, phase 1 and 2 liver detoxification, and renewal of the body and intestinal tract (Retail $139.00).

  • Easy to follow, great tasting meal ideas and recipes will come with each day of the program, along with weekly printable shopping lists so you can prepare in advance. Your relationship with food will quickly transform as you learn the basics of nutrition and how to fuel your body with the right food.

  • Daily educational emails to keep you on track, and educate you about smart choices along the way.

  • Constant support of Stacey and peers through our private Facebook page.

  • A free account with FullScript, our online dispensary of 1000’s of physician grade supplements at 20% off retail pricing (normal discount is 10%).

  • Discounted access to the Complete Nutrient Assessment, a comprehensive blood analysis to determine exactly what your body needs in order to formulate for you a tailored diet and supplement plan to continue the journey of health once your 28 days is done (lab fees are extra).

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Important Dates:

Next group starts April 29. 

Deadline for registering is Sunday April 21.